Saturday, December 7, 2013

Plum Flowers Sweatshirt Dress

Folks, it's official, I am wearing a sweatshirt to work! That's right, this dress is made out of sweatshirt fabric, and no one's the wiser!

I bought this fabric eons again thinking it would make a great cardigan. But once I got it home, I had a moment of practicality---how often would I realistically be able to wear a plum-flowered cardigan? In my world, cardigans generally go over a print, so they need to be a solid. As a result, this fabric has been in my stash for a couple of years.

I've been thinking about making a sweatshirt dress for a while now. My plan was to make a super-simple, casual dress, but when I saw this fabric and remembered some plum lace I had from this dress, I knew I could spruce it up. This dress is still casual, but with a necklace, tights, and heels, it feels work appropriate.

Close-up of the back.
Sewing Notes- This dress is based on my self-drafted long-sleeved T-shirt. First, I tried to lengthen it out from the underarms in an A-line shape, but that was waaaaay too boxy on my, so I ended up going back in and giving it shaping very similar to my regular shaping. (Next time, I'll just lengthen the hem on my T-shirt block.)

p.s. Any Harry Potter fans recognize the necklace?


  1. I have 2 items with this fabric! It's cozy, isn't it? I made a little cardi, which I pin together and wear over solids. I also used it for a Hudson top, which was a disaster, and is now a pj top. Totally cute dress.

  2. This dress looks really cozy, et still totally work appropriate. I love the addition of the lace.

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