Monday, January 6, 2014

Homage to Kate Middleton's Engagement Dress

Source- Made by Trisha/ Wire Image
I loved Kate Middleton's blue Issa engagement dress, and I know I'm not alone here! When Kate was photographed in this dress, the company had trouble keeping up with demand--everyone loved her dress! This dress is my homage to Kate. I bought this lovely, purple, silky jersey on a trip to the LA Fabric District from a random little shop. It was a steal at $8 a yard, and I immediately had a Kate Middleton knock-off in mind. Several patterns were contenders, but I finally went with Butterick 5783. It seemed like the easiest option to get a very similar look. This dress is like an infinity dress--it features long ties that can be wrapped around the dress in many ways to give a different look to the dress.

Sewing Notes- Whoops! I completed this dress back in September, but didn't take pictures until now! I remember it coming together rather quickly. The only hiccup was that I had far less fabric than the pattern called for. To make it work, I made the long ties taper like very long, skinny triangles (instead of rectangles). I think it worked out well--the long ties are thinner now so they don't make as much bulk around the waist.

The fabric of this dress is silky and swingy. It's quite nice to wear, and it certainly makes me feel like a Duchess!


  1. Really lovely!! Kate looks beautiful but really you look even more so. I love this dress, great work! I really like the detail in the bodice.

  2. Pretty dress, Trisha. Where exactly are the ties attached to the dress? And how long are they?

    1. The ties are attached just outside the bust area. They are really long---the hang to the floor, and mine aren't even as long as the pattern calls for.

  3. Tapering the ties is a great idea! I made one of those infinity dresses a couple years ago, but I only wore it once, and one of the reasons it wasn't working was the bulky ties! I'll have to try tapering the ties, since it's still in a re-purpose pile.

  4. How awesome! You and Kate look so similar! And you both have great legs! :)

  5. You look beautiful! This is a great inspiration dress, and your copy is stellar :)

  6. Lovely dress. You (and Kate of course) both look gorgeous!

  7. Hee hee, love the comparison photo at the top of your post - were you two separated at birth??!! Brilliant! Beautiful dress too, such a lovely colour.


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