Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ursa Major

Does the design on my shirt look familiar? As familiar as the night sky? This design was inspired by the constellation Ursa Major, which also encompasses the Big Dipper. Although it's inspired by Ursa Major, I like how it could also reference a monkey, or a skeleton, or something else entirely. It's fun how to let your mind wonder---just as our ancestors did when they made up the constellations. 


Sewing Notes- I made this shirt using my simple self-drafted tee pattern, but before sewing it up, I made the design on the front. I used a bleach pen to draw the stars and lines. You could draw it out on the shirt first with chalk, but I just free-handed it making dots for the stars and lines to connect them. I do recommend testing out the bleach on a scrap of fabric first. I did this with about five test swatches of different fabrics. Some took the bleach well, others did not. It was interesting to see the different colors made on different fabrics. I'll have more examples to show you later!

As a bonus, I'm modeling the top with this rather fabulous jacket I found at Goodwill. It was HUGE and quite crazy--I wish I took a before/after photo. I took in the sides, removed the collar, got rid of back poofiness, and took off some unnecessary embellishments. Now, it will make a great summer jacket. 

Have you ever tried bleaching designs on fabric? Any special tips?

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  1. Love it! Especially that it's open to interpretation!


Thanks for the note!