Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moss moss moss mini mini mini

Friends, I am in love with the Moss Mini Skirt by Grainline Studio. This year, I took a good hard look at my closet and thought about what I actually need and wear. Slim skirts have got to be near the top of that list for me. I love to wear skirts, and I prefer a comfortable skirt with a fly front and pockets. The Moss Skirt fits that perfectly. I started with the metallic silver one, continued with the red/pink/tan Navajo-inspired print, kept on going with the electric blue, and I imagine they'll be quite a few more of these before I'm done.

Sewing Notes- I found this pattern very easy to work with. All three came together beautifully even though this was my first attempt at a fly front. I'm happy with all three of these fly fronts, and I followed the instructions that came with the pattern. I've since been experimenting with some alternate methods. More notes on that after I've thoroughly tested out another fly-front option. Two things I'd like to note about this pattern: 1) It's simple! That means that it can work as a plain basic that you'll wear again and again, OR it is the perfect piece for some statement fabric. 2) It doesn't take much fabric! If you embrace the "mini" length (like I did with the Navajo-inspired print), you can easily squeeze this out of a yard of fabric or less. That particular piece was a remnant that was about .8 of a yard (and I had enough left over to add back pockets). On the other versions, I lengthened by 2-4".

Let's Talk Fabric- Silver Metallic-I bought this beauty from JoAnn at least a year ago. It was my intention to use it for a skirt, but I didn't know what pattern to use until now! This fabric is a stunner and it gets a lot of compliments! The only drawback, it's scratchy. And I didn't notice it until I tried on the almost-completed skirt. I ended up going back and binding all of the seams with soft, hot pink cotton voile. Navajo-inspired print- This was from the remnant bin at JoAnn. It's not my normal colorway, but I loved the look of the print. It's a thicker fabric--like a thick denim or even maybe home-decor weight cotton. I think it works great as a mini skirt! Electric Blue- This is a cotton/poly twill blend bottom weight, also from JoAnn (man, I swear they're not paying me!). I picked a poly blend with the hopes that it won't wrinkle. So far, so good!

Both the outside and the inside are beautiful! The pattern gives you the opportunity to pull out some fun, contrast fabric to use on the inside of the pockets and as facings. I certainly had fun picking out some nice, soft cottons to add as lining on the inside. I'll leave you with some pretty pictures of the skirts laid out flat.
Pretty lining fabric and lilac hem tape


Back- left has back pockets, right does not

This is a great pattern to pull out contrast fabric for the innards.


  1. I love all your versions!! So cute!

  2. Oh they are all great! My favorite is definitely the bright blue. I'm going to check out Grainline. I know I've looked in the past, but maybe it's time to look again.


Thanks for the note!